Daily Prompt: Early bird, or Night Owl?

I’m both…

I love getting up early… and having the whole day ahead of me… My only stipulation… since I’m retired… is that I get up when I want…k11730938

Usually this is pretty early… because I love that first cup of coffee by myself… Nice and hot with a little cream… u16966773

I like my morning routine with my kitty cat

Her talking to me… getting her scratching and rubs… and me getting a few wet scratchy tongue kisses on my hand… leg… foot… well, wherever she decides…szo0016

I then check my emails… Facebook… blogs…u13656209

also checking the news by internet

Afterwards… I might wander outside on pretty days watching the sun risek9055265 … sit in our swing… drink a few more drinks of coffee k1098975 Pick a weed out of the flower beds u21492557 … listen to the birdsk10285438 …and watch our crazy squirrels


So… I am an Early Bird
At the beginning I said I’m both…

You hadn’t forgotten that had you?

I say I’m a Night Owl too… because I watch my favorite TV shows k6481286 late because that’s when they are on… I seem to get a second wind later at night… and also since daylight savings time… we have longer days…. and I don’t want to waste a minute of it!…

I seem to actually fight going to bed… the fight being inside of me

I keep finding something to do… be it readingk12110670 computer game… or bloggingSSH0003

But, when I finally lay down k8266661 … It feels awesome and I am fast asleepk11199174

So I’m an early bird catching the worm k0565114

and a big old hoot owl with my eyes propped open as big as saucers k8944040

A little strange, but me…

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Early bird, or Night Owl?

  1. Rhino, our cat, loves to be petted and scratched first thing in the morning too. I also like that first cup of coffee with cream in the morning. I also like to stay up late

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