Love That Sustains…

I attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration and Renewal of Vows Ceremony last weekend…


half century… filled with pain… sorrow… happiness… joy… and births k9200549 of three children…


Now there are Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren…

Amazing?… I don’t think so… I call it a gift!… k4558753

A gift of love and the presence of God in their lives…

A tenderness… that shines through… holding each other up in the hard timesk12217398 … and the laughter and sweetness in good times

130601_014     130601_013


I’m sure there were many conversations… many hugs in the nighttears shed for loved ones… smiles for the funny things that can happen within a family

The marriage between two people is the beginning of what should be…

a life of learning with each other…mardep0107s

You take the good with the bad

through sickness and healthu11157633

and learn from all of the experiences

My husband and myself have 6 more years until we celebrate this accomplishment

Today… a younger couple will be joined in our family…

Nothing new… we have a large family

But, it will be new with these newlyweds…k12134971

Of course times have changedu22656865

Innocence is not as common now…

Money is more available through education and working hard…

Both man and woman usually have their own careers

Sometimes there are children already in the picture…


I wish with all my heartcfr0006 that the love these young adults feel for each other today…


will last another 50 years k5238946 … and a celebration with the family they make u24064584will be able to share in the love that has sustained time

Good Luck and Much Happiness Tyler and Desire’

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