Treasures Left From My Daddy…

My dad always made each one of us feel so special…

He was always laughing…k13327028

had a joke to tell…

Not affectionate in a huggy/kissy way… but, through his words and actions we knew we were loved

Taking us on outings

Always trips to the drive-in k6801775… parks/picnicsx12239912 … vacations… friend’s homes

People loved him so… Always visitors at the house…


He was a hard worker… coming in from hanging wallpaper all day… so tired… but, with a smile on his face… as we greeted him…

He disciplined with a look and words only…

Things he left us when he passed…

discipline, work ethics, generosity, reliability, honesty, sense of humor, caring, love…

things he had made with his own hands…

a history of his youth…

a pride in his accomplishments…

He was raised in an orphanage where he said, “I got the best care and education I could have ever received!”…

In an exhibition ball game he struck out Babe Ruth 75px-Babe_Ruth and made headlines in the newspaper… A great young pitcher at that time… but, hurting his arm deferred that career…

ending with a career as a wallpaper hanger… known in Louisville as one of the best!


Dad… second from left sitting on ground…


Second from left on first row…


second from left again…


Newspaper article in the Courier JournalLouisville KY


Dad’s picture in center… highlighted…

Babe Ruth center behind Dad’s photo…

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

I had to share this special poem by Freeda Nichols… a fellow blogger I follow… who is a wonderful poet and storyteller…

His Favorite Daughter

Three Girls Colorized Circa 1915Pocket watch, savonette-type. Italiano: Orolog...
Three Girls Colorized Circa 1915 (Photo credit: linkerjpatrick)

There once was a huntsman, John Dee– his name

who lived in the great Ozark hills

and he had three daughters, sweet daughters–all three.

He told each one she was his favorite–

his favorite was she.

Each girl admired her kind-hearted father

and smiled to herself thinking she

was his favorite daughter–

most favored of the beautiful three.

Now Sadie, the eldest, was certain that she

would inherit the watch that he wore

but Carly could tell by the glint in his eye

it was she he would leave it for

and Julie just knew she would get it–for sure–

the pocket watch trimmed in gold.

When each little girl had begun toddling around,

John held the watch close to her ear.

The little girls loved its tick and its tock–

the pocket watch trimmed in gold.

They lived on the hillside by rocks and rills

in the awesome and beautiful Ozark hills.

© 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

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11 thoughts on “Treasures Left From My Daddy…

  1. The feelings of love spoken through a daughter’s heart. This is beautiful. I admire and like your dad already and didn’t even know him. And now a gift for you Marilyn. I am presenting you with a brand new award called, A Real Neat Blog Award!!!!

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