My Sunday Gratefuls: June 23, 2013

My Sunday Grateful today will have to be two inventions

One being air conditioningk2292613

I remember as a child just having fansk13602377 … They were strategically placed in windows that would pull as much cool breeze as it could… an open window with a screen somewhere to pull  outside air in… Cross ventilation I guess… The fan pulling out hot air… Sometimes not so cool… but, just moving hot air


Not so sure the “smarts” k0535143 in this operation… but, our imaginations seem to think it worked… We felt cooler…

When I married… to have a window unit air conditioner k10089269was a blessing… Usually one cool room in the whole house… where at night… we all slept… My husband, myself and our two little boys… It was great!…  Not sweating was wonderful!

You stayed cool by drinking a lot of iced drinks


keeping on just shorts and T-shirts in summer… stayed outside… more than in the house… under shade trees


We would hit the public pools a couple of times a week… k6355973

and I would let the boys have a wading pool or sprinkler attached to the water hose


When we moved to our present home… it didn’t have air either… but, we soon had it installedCentral air for the first time!… cooling the whole house… What a luxury!…


So as I came in today from running around in my air-conditioned caru12542999… and shopping in an air-conditioned store… and being met with a cool house…

I was grateful! 

In 1902, the first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier in Buffalo, New York. Therefore the name “Carrier” Air Condition


The other invention I am grateful for is my dishwasheru12698034

I remember as a young girl… I “thought” I would like doing dishes

But, as I heard my older sister complaining about doing them… and the question of who’s going to dry and who’s going to wash coming up so much…


I began to think of dishwashing as a real chore! x24953704

It’s not a job I actually hate compared to some other “chores”… but, it seems we have so many…

and I even use paper plates year round… k12998821

I try to run this neat invention once a day… but, I have done it as much as twice… many times…


I think it’s that it saves me time… letting me get to other things… as it does its job of running hot water… soaping and rinsing and even steam drying…

Who wouldn’t like that… So, yes… very grateful indeed

The First Automatic Dishwasher was invented in Shelby County, Illinois by
Mrs. Josephine Cochran 1893


Later named… “Kitchen Aid

Dishwashers became popular in the 1950s…

10 thoughts on “My Sunday Gratefuls: June 23, 2013

  1. that is exactly how I grew up too. Now we have central air, which I am thankful for Al’s sake. I didn’t have it on until he came home. I am such a tight wad that I just suffered using box fans and hoping for night air

  2. i definitely LOVE having AC…but totally live without a dishwasher. actually i do. :)
    thanks for sharing the inventors on these items…i never thought to look it up but now i know! stay cool ♥

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