Lemonade Time

My husband is from the South… He has a few habits that he acquired from his younger days…

Maybe not habits… but, things he likes

He loves the taste of a lemon… cut in half… then add a little salt… As I watch him eat it… my mouth starts watering and I pucker k13274875 even though it’s his tongue tasting that sour juice… not mine…

To enjoy something so simple…

I guess it’s like sucking the honey tasting nectar from Honeysuckle k3991001

So, yesterday he asked for some lemons… I bought a whole bag… because Lemonade sounded good to me…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I got home and he immediately cut him one… got the salt… and began eating it…

My mouth waters as I’m thinking about it!…

My thrift store finds actually helped me make my Lemonade

I had picked up this neat Sugar Canister…


my Lemon Squeezer that actually looks like a lemon…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 and my red Kool-Aid Pitcher…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I cut the lemons in half… placed a half on my squeezer… and squeezed the juice into the pitcher… the squeezer keeps any seeds from getting into the lemonade


After squeezing juice from 4 lemons… I add 2 cups of real sugar to the juice and enough water to fill the pitcher…

I also cut some strips of the actual squeezed lemons to the lemonade…

A bit of the lemon peel makes it pretty in the glass… and also adds a little more flavor



Tastes so good!

I read you can flavor your lemonade if you want by just adding a pack of Kool-Aid to the lemonade or by adding fruit puree

I might try Strawberry Lemonade sometime with a few real strawberries


That sounds good to me!

2 thoughts on “Lemonade Time

    • I don’t either…make it much…summertime mainly…I have new email…adress…if you want to save…Time Warner took over our cable, tel and internet… mkg

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