Sunday Gratefuls- June 30, 2013

Blue is my favorite color… Has been since I was a little girl…

Not that I don’t like other colors…

but, blue makes me calm…

makes me content…

makes me comfortable…

makes me happy…

and looking upward at blue skies makes me smile…

These are the Blue Skies of Kentucky taken Saturday…

I couldn’t keep from looking up at them…

and as you probably know… known for and called the “bluegrass” State…


I found the answer to the question…

WHY??? is the sky blue?

The sun’s rays hit the Earth’s atmosphere, where the
light is scattered by nitrogen and oxygen molecules in the air. The blue
wavelength of this light is affected more than the red and green wavelengths,
causing the surrounding air to appear blue.











My Sunday Grateful has to be for the Blue Skies

“Blue Skies” sung by Frank Sinatra75px-Frank_Sinatra_1973

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