Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MYSTERIOUS.

Something people don’t know about me?…

Let’s see…

1.  I always think I’m right… just ask my husband…


2. I don’t really have auburn hair anymore


3. I love to go barefootall of the time… and actually left the house and drove to the store without shoes… because I’m so use to being that way…


4. I wanted to name my baby Jenny if I had a baby girl… Never happened… Had two boys… (and love them dearly)…


5. I always wanted to go to college… and become an ART Teacher… but, never got to…


6. The OUIJA BOARD told me I would marry someone with the initials BOG… and I did…


7. Always wanted to sing in front of an audience…


8. Would like to live on water of some kind… ocean… lake… even a creek…


9. I always think of colors has having male / female genders…

Boys: Black-Blue-Green-Brown-Purple and all shades of…k0366965

Girls: Red-Orange-Yellow and all shades of…


10. Would like to visit Ireland if I had the chance and love Celtic Music… 


http://youtu.be/HsCp5LG_zNE    Celtic Women – Amazing Grace

and one more…

11. I have always wanted a tree house…k0274917


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

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