Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

Some say I let people know too much about myselfk11789234

Maybe so…k6584220


I personally think it’s OK

I write for myself and mostly about my own experiences

You either like who I am or not…

But, I know I have sometimes written about things in people’s lives I shouldn’t…

I should have asked their permissionk9465779

I should have respectk12831930 for that person’s wishes…

I don’t lie about them… I just say the truth… and the truthk3248496 can be hard to handle if you haven’t faced your demons k13277873or have hang-ups


There may be truthsI wouldn’t want to face”… or maybe there are things people see in me that I don’t…

In fact… I do have a couple of (hidden) secrets that I wouldn’t want plastered all over…


I’m sure that perked up some ears of my followers or family membersbiz21_c

So… I would say YES!… There are people I wouldn’t want to read some of my writings… because it contains things about them that are private

and I in turn wouldn’t want someone writing about my inward thoughts and reading about it unawarek5807526

My mind has started spinning around on this topick9061288

Time to consider my source of writing materials for sure…k12403633

Because I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone bandage … and I don’t want to be hurt!oop0007


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