Day#2 Vacation

We knew the next day would be beach time130716_004

We parked closer due to taking the cooler out with us… Drinks are a must when out on that hot sand


We had our beach chairs… and were set…

No sooner than situated… the waves started coming in faster than we anticipated…

130716_036     130716_016

So a move further back from the water was made…


I love the waves hitting my feet as we sit soaking up the rays of the bright sun

Keeps me cool without thinking about how hot it is…

Love it!

We watched the kids playing on their boogie boards… sliding along on the water…Playing paddle ball and frisbee on the beach and in the water…waves lapping at them…

People looking for shells… Not so many where we were… I did find a few the next morning in a puddle where the waves had come up on shore during the night…130716_009

The little ones enjoyed the water puddles more than being in that big body of water…

I can’t blame them!

I watched a group of girls making their way up the beach… They were holding a big net… letting it up and down in the water after a wave came in…

They finally were in front of us…

It was a class from the Science Museum

They were seeing what they could find in their net

The bucket held tiny minnows… and small jellyfish

130716_047        130716_048

They were taking their finds back to discuss their observations

Kinda neat I thought… A fun outing!

As we were just walking in the water making our way out a little further to get wet… I noticed a little boy running from the water holding…”What was it?”… It was a baby shark… about 2 feet long”… 130716_040

Thank goodness it was dead… I was getting pretty nervous

and then it wasn’t too much longer when another young man found one…130716_039

They said, “The guys on the pier fishing… would catch them and then cut them lose… and so that’s why they were in this area”…

No “JAWS” for me please!

I did manage to make a quick rendition of a person’s face with his stomach holding a fish… My sand building… while sitting in the sand playing… My husband gets a kick out of me acting like a kid at 64… I say, “Who cares!… I’m having fun!”


The pier was neat…


You walk up to the pavilion which held about 20 picnic tables… and had areas that sold ice cream, hotdogs, drinks, snacks… etc. …

and then continued on to the pier… built on huge pilings… where people opted to fish

There was a sink for rinsing and washing hands… benches… holes in rails for holding poles… and the young men and “older” men were surely enjoying themselves



The view was so pretty!

(more to come!)

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