My Sunday Gratefuls: July14, 21, 28 – 2013

My grateful for the 14th of July has to be for being able to take a vacationk14025282

To get out and enjoy different scenery… see relatives… and view places I’ve never seen before…

I see every detail to it’s fullest… and enjoy the beauty… the history… the different foodk4736129 … and the wonderful people…

The 21st of July is my grateful for a safe trip homek14550074

No problems… and the great memories I’ll have for years to come…

I look at the photos I took and I seem to be back in that very place for an instant… how neat is that!… x16213619

Today… the 28th of July has to be the overnight trip with my sister

Her… being a caretender for her very sick husbandnri0124 … needed some time to relax… talk …and reflect…

We got in the pool… sat outside in the sunshineread a little u12139351  (more talk, than read)… had a good dinner… and then played some penny slots at the casino

Your mind just relaxes… with all of the noise… music… people… drowning out your thoughts for a short while…k10089302

We had a nice roomtalking some more k8266615laughing/crying…

With the TV droning on… the sleepies hit us hard sfo0174We slept like babies

We even enjoyed the ride home

Having to tip the valet with a “bag of change” u17710655laughing as we did…

(This picture I found actually looks like the baggie of change we had!)

We were broke!



We would have loved to be able to drive home in this!

5 thoughts on “My Sunday Gratefuls: July14, 21, 28 – 2013

  1. vacations to discover other places…a real treat! i bet your sister enjoyed your visit…what a hardship being a caretaker. bless her heart. these are sweet blessings ♥

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