Daily Prompt: Back To School

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MASTERY.

I would like to take classes in Art Therapy


The following statements pretty much sum up why I would like to do this…

The tenets of art therapy involve humanism, creativity, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, and personal growth.



“Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication. It is practised by qualified, registered Art Therapists who work with children, young people, adults and the elderly.


I worked with mentally handicapped children for 30 + years… and in doing so … I would often use my natural talent of Art  to work with these “special” kids

I saw that through the process of art which can include drawing, painting, coloring, creatingmoods/behaviors changed… self-confidence was built… and a calmness came into the bodies of these children…


A feeling of pride emerged… and I… in turn… learned about them

their needs…

their desires…

their wants…

their talents…

Being able to contribute to these changes… by doing something I loved to begin with… was so rewarding and fulfilled a small part of my dream…


Going back to school and mastering the techniques needed to fulfill this wish… would make my life pretty complete!

http://youtu.be/exRRwiIFNUU               Video: Wonderful info on what ART THERAPIST do all over the world!

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