Awards are Wonderful!

wordpressfamilyaward sunshine-awardnk-1

Kim @ Tranquil Dreams

Kim honored me with these two Awards…

I had never received…

I love the thought of being a part of the WordPress Family… I have been blogging with WordPress ever since I retired… beginning January 1, 20112-1/2 years ago… seems much longer at times… 4919659112_70f8836dfa_s

The Sunshine Award is so bright and cheerful… The yellow color has to brighten your day!…

So a thank you to Kim… of “Tranquil Dreams”…

I’m making up my own questions… Just a few things about myself you may not know…

1. The only exercise I do is water aerobicsx10784073

2. I like soup… full of veggies… or creamy potato… k5520650

3. Would rather eat veggie sandwiches… soups… crispy things… than have a real meal… k13270138

4. I cook… but, I bake betterk4328807

5. I dye my hair… and probably always will… don’t want to be gray! k9319713

6. People usually guess me to be younger than I am… I “guess” that’s a good thing! x12333371

7. I’m the baby of the family… and was treated that way even after I grew up… married… and had my own kids… k13410322

8. I love Art of any kind… the colors, the textures, the feel… k8413105

9. I’m happiest when writing or messing in some kind of art project!… k9050515

10. I make friends pretty easy…but, I have a cautiousness about getting too close to some people…


Enough said about me… If you receive this Award… please accept… because I think you deserve it for sure… but, have fun in your response… no pressure!

My nominees:!/read/blog/id/2215525/

4 thoughts on “Awards are Wonderful!

  1. Congratulations to you and many thanks from me. It is lovely to be part of the WordPress Family isn’t it, awards or not.
    I do love your style – the quirky little pictures to accompany your thoughts! Makes your posts fun to read. Love the water aerobics picture! I used to do that and did enjoy it too, now walking is all I do but sometimes quite long ones! :)

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