Don’t Go Away Yet… Summer!

I just read a post by “This Blog Needs A Title”… Yes, that is the actual name of his blog… and that’s what caught my interest… the title …

He expresses his statements simply

and the last being…

Where has summer gone?”…


I don’t know… except it has been an unusual summer weather-wise here in Kentucky

not as many hot days…k10226537

not as many sunny days…

lots of rain all of a sudden…095b0617

dry days for weeks…

and then starts all over again…

Things I’ve done…

Went on vacation to Savannah… and Tybee Island… Making me want to move there…

I’m really very serious about this… but, no one really believes me…


Have been on numerous short trips to some Casino Hotels… pbu0761

They pay for the room and the food… So, we take advantage of that… A night away is always good to clean out the cobwebs… vl0008b110

Have lost a family member… a brother-in-law… so sad for my sister and the rest of us… watching this coming about for over a year…k5673685

Have had a few lunch dates with my “girl” friends… Enjoying talking… good food… and browsing in shops…u23965518

Have kept up my water aerobics… but, weather has hindered that at times…x23686509

Have managed to get husband to YMCA… and he wants to join… An achievement I’m happy about!…u15313290

Have met so many nice people as acquaintances… and made a few new friends Isn’t that grand!


and I have obtained a new jobteaching painting classes… That should help me stay busy this winter…x30276018

Things I would have liked to do:

Have my Grandkids more… They are busy with trips… ball games… friends… moved a little further away to a new house… Miss them!k5872361

Still haven’t zip-lined through the trees… b09989

Still haven’t made it to the drive-ink6801775

Still haven’t lost those pounds… k13970169

Still haven’t opened an Etsy Account to sell purses for kids that I like to make… 2839v3-max-450x450

Still haven’t done a few things (Repairs) around the house we need to make…k8994862

Still haven’t got a flowerbed fixed I’ve been wanting to redo…k13745297

Summer! You just need to give me more time!


Could you just hold on for another month or two?


5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Away Yet… Summer!

  1. You’ve done loads and losing somone is always hard and slows everything else down. Interesting that your weather has been less good, ours has been better than we’ve had in five years. I still have lots to do too so let’s hope we have a few more weeks of summer. :)

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