Daily Prompts’ These Boots Were Made for Walking

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Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WALK

Favorite pair of shoes???


Summertime shoes are my favorite… hla0014

But, actually what God gave me when I was born… are my favoriteCB009902

Yes, I’m from Kentucky..k13078151. maybe that’s a clue…


I go barefoot all of the time!…k13775721

Inside… outside…

Summer… winter…


This morning… and no shoes on yet!

No, it doesn’t hurt!…

I’ve probably toughened them up over the years…


I remember when we were young…

We kept our shoes in a certain spotjhe0030

I went barefoot all day… but, when Daddy came home from work… Mom would say, “You better get your shoes on!”… and we quickly did…

Why?… do you ask… was my Dad so obsessed with us wearing shoes

Because he was always building… He literally built our home himself… and so there were always nails… screws… splinters everywhere… k3474038k3192103

He hated the thought of us puncturing our feet…


Of course we waded in the creek all of the time… stepping on stones… water trickling over our toes… the feel of dirt and grass cushioning our feet…k0036302

No wonder I hate shoes to this day!…k11954941

My feet had freedom all of the time I grew up…

I remember popping the hot tar bubbles on the road as we walked everywhere… and having to cream them down to get the tar off…k10149395

So… to say what are my favorite shoes… if I HAD to choose.just a pair of comfortable flipflops


Bought these on Vacation… I keep them by the door… to slip on when I go to the store…

My feet still free and breathing…


“part” of my collection of shoes…

I know!… I need to straighten them up… maybe another day!… so many more important things to do!…

like go barefoot!  u11004267

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompts’ These Boots Were Made for Walking

  1. up until my feet got bad from my diabetes you didn’t see me in shoes, but now only barefoot inside the house and I guess it isn’t entirely true, because a lot of times I do have socks on

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