Sweet Peas Doing the Twist!

My neighbor has an abundance of Sweet Peas..

This vine reminds me of my mom so much…

Still can picture it climbing… nearly six feet high…

The purple of the flowers was one of my favorites…lathyrus_odoratus1

Since then I have learned there are pink, white, purple, black, cream, orange, red …

even blue! 41HG2Wghd3L__AA160_

w_white pennyblack

w_scarlet     w_pink

It has a butterfly shaped flower… so delicate… gwen

It’s name “Sweet Pea”… or Fragrant Pea… derived from the Greek term Lathyrus and the Latin term “Odoratus”…k15500085

I had walked over to my neighbors and while talking … reached down and picked a few seed pods that were dry on her vine of Sweet Peas

I brought them home and laid them on a shelf in my kitchen… thinking I would plant them in a few days…

I looked at them a few days later only to find the pods had twisted dougla0085sand popped open OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA … all of the seeds onto my floor… I salvaged some of them… but, will have to get more it seems…

This time putting them in an envelope to hold them inside… k6810513

while they finished their job of opening up…


They were doing what they normally do


Twisting and throwing the seeds to the surrounding area… to replant themselves for the following year… but, my kitchen floor just wasn’t going to do it!…

I showed them to my husband and he says, “I wondered what that popping sound was that I heard the other day?”…

Evidently when they were hitting the floor!…

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