Unintended Uses…

I saw this unique 16 inch wire basket… at my favorite thrift store of course!

Cream colored… It was OK

But, I visualized it hanging on my wall in my Paris Bedroom k8281040which is black, gray and bright pink

I fell in love with the circular wires that formed the pattern…

But, what a waste to fill this beautiful design with fruit… or something else…


I bought a can of black spray paint…

Painted it on the front and backdrying each side until dry…

I got out my paints… knowing I had my bright pink paint… and my bottle of black and white would certainly make gray

I randomly painted some of the solid circular shapes the bright pink… and gray… leaving some of the black… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I then decided a little flair was needed… but, not too much… It is representing “Paris!”…

So… a yard of black ribbon from my ribbon bag … bought  two yards of pink satin ribbon… and tied in a bow near bottom of basket ( now my beautiful wall hanging )…


I love the way it sticks out from the wall giving it some dimension!

I like using things in other ways than they were intended!

17 thoughts on “Unintended Uses…

  1. Love the re-make of the bargain basket. Love that you shop at thrift stores like me. Love that we can re-purpose, re-use and help save the environment one item at a time. :). Re-markable!

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