“Look Homeward Angel”

Last night I clicked off another Bucket List item…

A local group I had heard of since I was a teen… was performing…


Not the original guys… (only two living from what I hear)… but, the “Monarchs” none the less with the same great sound!…

Rock n Roll at it’s best!   monarchslpl

Mike Gibson, Jim Wells ,Bobby Lange, Louie Lange, George Owen, Dusty Miller, Ernie Donnell, Leon Middleton & Dick (Butch) Snider were the original Monarchs.


Their hit that reached #1 on the charts… in 1964… still makes me have that feeling of being a teen… carefree and having fun!

  “Look Homeward Angel”


The band was formed in 1961 and had 4 charted records by 1965. Their recording of Look Homeward Angel in 1964 was on Billboard for 13 weeks and was # 1 in major markets throughout the US. It also charted top 20 in Canada and charted in England. The band’s history has been documented on TV and in a book entitled  “The Monarchs & the Great American Rock & Roll Dream”…

Their first “gig” paid $20.00 for all nine members…

Now $3000.00 is more the figure…

They bought a 1949 Packard Ambulance to carry all of their equipment… and now have two 5 ton vans

Another song made popular by them…

“This Old Heart”


104s 512s

the first Nationally Charted Single by this Louisville Band

and “It’s Almost Tomorrow”…



They were performing for a local foundation Shively Area Ministries

There were approximately 300-400 people attending…


Awards given for the support of companies and volunteers of the organization founded 25 years ago to help people in need…

They have grown like the Monarchsexpanding… and becoming well-known…

A nice dinner of Salad, Hot Rolls, Baked Chicken, Bowtie Pasta, Broccoli, Cheese Cake , Chocolate Fudge Cake…Coffee/Tea…130926_007

Awards given…


Centerpieces were made up of some of the commodities given to the people who are helped through this ministry…

and then old timers and young alike took to the dance floor

Listening to the 1960’s music… It had all of us laughing… patting our feet and singing along… if we weren’t on the dance floor…

I admit “The Twist” got me up there!…


It wa so fun and everyone was enjoying the “Dance” down “Memory Lane!”


11 thoughts on ““Look Homeward Angel”

  1. It is truly amazing to hear once again the music that we grow up with, music that rocked our world, created friendship, inspire young hearts romance, to just have fun. Sounds like you had a great time and we felt every exciting beat and rhythm . Have a great weekend.

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