Birds Are Much Happier!

I had painted an old wood ironing board that was my Mother’s  for my niece

and then she hands me this to redo…



It had been outside and the sun had removed all of the color

She liked it … and like me… doesn’t like to get rid of things that can be restored…

I looked up photos of the birds… to help me get their coloring right…

There is an Oriole, 250px-Black-naped_Oriole

Dove, k14494169

Bluebird, 250px-Eastern_Bluebird-27527-2

Cardinal, northern_cardinal_mouse_pad-r47ea04e607934bc9b086814175fa6575_x74vi_8byvr_324

Sparrow house_sparrow_glamour

and Wren… house_wren_glamour

All are quite beautiful in their own way…

and the sign will WELCOME all who come to my niece’s home!


After I spray it with some clear acrylic… it will last longer outside…

Looks a little better I would say!

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