Days Are So Different!

Yesterday was the longest day!…

straightened up the house…k9574809

went to water aerobicsx23686509

cooked lunch…u11632449

ran some errands with my husband…x19931172

went by and visited my sister while we were out…k8266615

dropped by and got us some fast foodbc_fastfoodie_c

cleaned a table I want to refurbish…k11768849

watched a little TVk6481286

got on computer for awhile…u20747626

and it was only late afternoon!…k11140422

so out to the glider to swing a little and have a cup of coffee…k6566034

talked on phone a couple of times…k4470524

I was yawning… feeling tired… finally!u19355285

watched a TV show through slanted eyes… not even making out what was being said…u12379977   k15643924

and finally went to sleep…

I was hoping the next day would be better…kch0055

and it was!…

Sailed right alongk14426151

Wonder why days are like that sometime?

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