Sunday Grateful: October 6, 2013

I hear the thunder u13574055rolling across the sky…

The rain las0137 began yesterday and has steadily fallen ever since…

I welcome it!

It calms… k13412710

It slows us down…


It brings us closer… u19977121

It has me making chili…x18009262

It has me doing little things I put off…alc0007

It de-stresses me…k3489205

It has me sleeping peacefully…k9811819

It has made my house quiet this morning…vl0001b023

a cup of teaEMO0003 a petting of the cat… a brief good morning to husband as he returns for a few more minutes of sleep…cha0046

a peek outdoors to see if any limbs have come down… k4873499

then to my computer to read all that you have to say…kch0046

what’s happening in the world…k3815024

what’s being said on Facebookk9507705

My grateful comes easy this Sunday morning…

Rainwashing off the dust to bring us a New Day!k6635270

7 thoughts on “Sunday Grateful: October 6, 2013

  1. rainy days are wonderful for catching up, slowing down and especially putting water back into the ground. love your gratitude list – ♥ thanks!

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