Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery

Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOMAGE.


I love the word that is a synonym to homage “accolade” …

“respect shown”…

I talk of this all of the time…

That our children are growing up not knowing how to give homage or indeed… not even knowing what it is!…

Have they been neglected in obtaining this type of praise???

Maybe as adults we fail to teach this to our children…

We give them a lot of things!… but, do we show them and tell them how worthy they are???

If homage was given for the good, wonderful, unique, funny things they do…

maybe they would know how to accept accolades… and in return give them!…

Accolades…Homage… Just plain “respect” is what I call it!

Give it to your young ones

making them feel special…

letting them know they are worthy…

Respect (homage) begets respect (homage)…

Causing it to happen!

I use the plate in photo often… I want all to feel special and it’s my way of paying homage!

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery

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  3. Hey, I have one of these plates. Mine is red with white letters. We used to use it for birthdays and other special days. Haven’t had mine out in a while…thanks for jogging my memory, I should use it soon! ~ Sheila

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