My Sunday Grateful: October 20, 2013

We had a lovely day!…

My husband and I enjoying an outing to Bethlehem, Indiana… for their Fall Festival… appropriately called Autumn On the River”…


( Highway 62 … heading to New Washington turn off that leads to Bethlehem)

I just love the name… pictures automatically come to mind…


(Home grown gourds and pumpkins for sale)

fall leaves in color… the Ohio River running along side this quaint little town


(The Ohio River meanders by as we walked around the small town)

People traveling from other towns to enjoy a beautiful day of music, crafts, foods, and sights…


(The young man singing on stage sounded a lot like “Randy Travis” … and added to the atmosphere as we sat and ate… some sitting at tables and others on bales of hay)


(The pulled pork BBQ sandwich was wonderful… and a Funnel Cake later… that was my husband’s choice… I usually opt for the Persimmon Pudding)


(Abe Lincoln showed up… and rose from his rocking chair to shake my hand)

A room dedicated to some of the history of Bethlehem…


(A Pre-historic Mammoth’s tooth and tusk… found in Bethlehem)



(History is so important to these folks… ancestors photos and memorabilia filled a couple of rooms of the old school-house that has been refurbished)

A small town for sure… winding road leading to it… around curvy roadsdeep valleys


Cars were starting to line up as we neared our destination…

and fields that have turned brown… 131020_033131020_002

The small white church 131020_032

… and the people who have lived there all of their lives


… new owners who have come for the peace and quiet that only small towns seem to offer after they entered retirement years…131020_021


Homes above the road leading down to the River…


Mingling together on warm summer days… and now in the cooler days of Autumn…

There were around 100+ vendors set up with their items for sale…

I’m a simple shopper…

A homemade pink baby quilt and pillowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

( Jill had to check it out! )

a jar of homemade Pepper Jelly in a golden color for Autumn


A University of Louisville Bracelet and Ring set for my youngest Granddaughter…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA which Jill found interesting too!

… and a book that I thought I would enjoy reading sometime…


I was just grateful for the time I spent in this little town tucked into the hills and valley of Indiana!

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