Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause ( Mental Health and Homelessness)

If your day-to-day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HELP.

Mental Health Issues and  The Homeless

k2912887 k2983623

What would I do???

That’s the question of course!

I might have the time… but, in all things money is needed…


I guess I would have to start small

maybe volunteer at the half way homes for those having troubles… be there to talk to those who have no one… play games with them u10306372cook with them u15063642just listen!k15019591

I’ve heard the homeless people get afriad to go to shelters and such…k5562719

but, ideally I would love to have a place to take as many in as I could accommodate…

Give them a clean bedk8572483 … hot water for bathingk14636196 … some good smelling soap to wash with and do their hair…

A good hot meal…  x23081548

Reading time… k6499144telling or reading them a story…

asking for their imput!… which is probably rare!… their suggestions on what would help them…

These are things that people do every day… but, not me… so this is what I would love to THROW myself into if able…

I heard about someone making up Packets of needful things and having them in your car… and if an opportunity came by … you would have them to share…

1 gallon zip lock baggies with : k8459498

toothpaste k1500945


bar of soap u17883316

band aids k10764653

nutrition bars k6215615

deodorant k9495784

comb k14265083

gum  k15634998

notepad / pencil or pen k14305016

change… maybe $3.00 – $5.00 k14069548

Tampons for women k3474274

shaving cream /razor for men k9026412

small package tissues k0622102

hat k4577068

socks 087d2851

gloves  k3252884


handkerchief k7873251

fingernail clippers k11439062

I’m sure you could think of other things…

But, this is something I think I will do…

It would be a start !


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