Sunday Grateful: October27, 2013… PEZ Candy

We had a knock at our door this morning… actually knocks and doorbell ringing again and again…k14811626

Who could it be?

It is so early for Sunday visitorsu18538876

Maybe my Grandkids… more like my youngest son (their dad)… as far as the doorbell ringing… over and over again… He’s known to be quite “funny” at times…

But, no… it was three little boys… three of the ones who had pestered me yesterday at my Yard Salek0838422

They had come by over and over looking through the PEZ Candy Dispensers justiceleague__38535_1322497926_400_400

I had for sale…

I wanted to sell them as a group… if I could… I had over 60+… probably more… just estimating… and know people collect them… Halloween_SmFeature2013

At the end of the day I had given them all to one of the boys… since NOW… that I wanted to talk to them… they had all disappeared…k13808920

Isn’t it the way!..

I had him promise me  k9583610 to share the “wealth” k0335677 with all of the others…

I found out he did just as I asked…

Loved that!… made me happy inside

but, now they wanted candy to put in them… k5119294


I didn’t realize I needed to fill them up before I gave them away…

How stupid of me!… k0376157

I had to inform them that I had no candy… but, Wal-Mart could help in that direction for a couple of dollars… pgi0161

One looked at the other two and said, “I told you!”… and immediately thanked me


They all said thanks… k15101753

Is that not a grateful!…

That they had the manners to say Thanks!…

They left… and I feel they were on a mission at this pointk3735920

To talk Mom or Dad into candy to fill their  PEZ …

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Sunday Grateful: October27, 2013… PEZ Candy

  1. I think they were too! Hey Mom, hey Dad, that lady said it only took a couple of dollars to fill these up!!!!! haha, you are so kind- hearted my friend

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