BUNCO Halloween???

1005703_308901719244975_1049417750_nBUNCO night during the week of Halloween had my sister thinking… Her fake plastic butt with the wild shorts k14598552

would be the thing…  ATT00001111

only she searched and searched and no butt to be found…

Now where could it have gone…

Well, I joined in the search but, no butt!

She has put it away far too well… hiding it from herself!

She didn’t give up though… She was going to our BUNCO group party dressed as something!     diceladies

She bought a very scary mask… used her black cape coat and her Psych T-Shirt… that says she has escaped and entered the room with a slight limping and dragging

effect NO ONE knew who she was! k5928195

They looked at me and asked,  “Where’s your sister?”…

I just shrugged… thinking they should have known…

we had walked in together…

After a few minutes the word was out … They loved it!

There were a few ladies “dressed up” in their fancy Halloween shirts…




and jewelery… but, most just said, “I forgot… I wish I had worn mine!”…

k10853919     SRO0044   k10781145   sfo0370

We didn’t have any Frankensteins, Witches, Mummies, Ghosts….

I was not in the mood to really go all out like my sis… but, did manage to create a…

” Fascinator” Halloween Hat”…

It’s just a headband with photos, feathers and ribbons… but, turned out quite cute…

Using hot glue gun… stapler…and arranging the photos…

Frankenstein said, “Roll Those Dice”… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Skeleton said, “Play BUNCO!… You Booby!”… (Booby being the lowest prize given out!)



 Other creatures adorned the hat as well… with Trick or Treat being prominent… for anyone wanting to give me a treat!


4 thoughts on “BUNCO Halloween???

  1. It sounded like lots of fun and your little hat was too cute!!! It’s always fun enjoying the holidays…. Happy Halloween!! Hugs, Andrea

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