Sunday Grateful- November 3, 2013 : My Husband’s Family

I see people on FACEBOOK k11381665 writing a “Grateful” k7231294 every day for November…


Since I’ve been writing my “Sunday Gratefuls” for awhile… I will continue with that…

I went to the grocery today sfo0444… Besides everyday food and supplies… I bought a few extras for making my Christmas Cookies…  Christmas-Cookies-Cutters


That’s my gift to my husband’s family in Georgia3cae153d-f926-4da4-9cfd-e99305cdf697

Whether they like them or not… ( They say they love them! ) … k14825741

I totally enjoy making them…

As I bakeI think of all of them…  k14529108

Only three sisters, their children and a few cousins of my husband are left from what once was a huge family when we married k8660880… which will be 45 years in February …

To have been introduced to this lovely family that came as a bonus with my husband… has been a blessingk0982803

I am so grateful for the lovek12161300 they have shown me…

and in my humble way k11789234… that I’m able to show them I love them back at this time of year!

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