Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes

A fellow blogger was talking about how a song or a piece of music made her think of certain people

It happens to me when I’m cooking sometimes…

like today…

I cooked green cabbage and baked Idaho potatoesk14778718

Cabbage just cut in wedges… boiled with a little water… salt/pepper… a little sugar and butter184732

I cook until tender not stirring much… because I like the wedges of the cabbage to remain whole

Baked potatoes with salt/pepper and I admit a lot of butter!…


Nothing else… it was the midday meal… and I couldn’t have eaten anything that tasted better…

Every time I start to cook cabbage a memory of a friend’s Mother comes to the surface…

I would be visiting and that simmering cabbage and big bowl of homemade mashed potatoes k4508598would be set on the table… sometimes cornbread baked in an iron skillet… k5650848

We dipped right out of the pan that the cabbage had been cooked in… 178320

I never tasted anything as good!k15802113

and didn’t realize that’s probably all there was to eat…

Maybe that’s why… what I cooked today… tasted so wonderful…

It wasn’t the food… it was the good memory… k11242244


10 thoughts on “Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes

  1. Mix together any leftover potato, mashed up with left over chopped cabbage. Lightly fry some sliced onions in a mix of butter and oil. When soft, add the potato/cabbage mixture and fry until golden underneath. As it cooks, it bubbles and squeaks! Turn the whole thing over, sometimes it breaks up, it doesn’t matter, just fry the bottom until golden too. Serve as a vegetable or with a poached egg for a delicious lunch or high tea.

    That’s Bubble and Squeak! :)

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