Daily Post: What Is Your Google Search?

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEARCHING

I had bought a “Turkey Platter” at the Thrift Store that I frequent…

Loved the vintage look of it…
I finally made out the Stamp on the back…
“Homer Laughlin”
Made in USA
H 57 N 6

It’s 14′ X 11″ oval…

Gold trim edge… and the prettiest Aqua Blue Edging…

A pretty Painted Turkey in the center…

Says “Thanksgiving” to me!


I found it might be from the 1930’s 0r 1940’s

I found none that looked like the one I found… but, one similar…

and on Ebay… and asking $19.99 for it…



This one… they were asking $29.99…

I paid less than $2.00… for mine!

I won’t sell it… Just wondered about it…

and found out all of this neat information!…

The Homer Laughlin China Company initially began as Laughlin Pottery in East Liverpool, Ohio. The company was started in 1871 by brothers Shakespeare and Homer Laughlin, however Shakespeare would later leave the company in 1879.

In 1889, William Edwin Wells joined Homer and seven years later the two would incorporate. Homer would sell his interest to Wells shortly thereafter. The firm experienced rapid growth and opened a facility in Newell, West Virginia in 1903.

By the late 1920s all production was centered at the West Virginia factory and the Ohio site was abandoned.

To this day HLC continues to manufacture all of its products in the United States. A visitor center, museum, and factory outlet are maintained at its headquarters.

In the 1920s the firm advertised itself as the largest pottery company in the world.

Homer Laughlin began producing the popular and colorful Fiesta line of dinnerware in 1936… ChocolateGroup

Harlequin was introduced in 1938 as a less expensive alternative to Fiesta…


Riviera dinnerware [1938], which is distinctive for its triple-scalloped edges…


Epicure, a line based on popular colors and shapes of the 1950s was introduced in 1955, and was designed by a student of Russel Wright


Homer-Laughlin Company produced the Golden Wheat line between 1949 and 1966.

cupcloseup duzad

These pieces were added to Duz Detergent boxes as an enticement to buyers. These dishes feature a center picture of wheat bending in the wind, with a trim on the edge in 22k gold…

I love researching items…

and now I know more about my pretty “vintage” Turkey Platter!

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