Weekend at Grandma’s

This is what a Grandma feels …said so well by retiredruth…

Retired Ruth

Christmas glitter,  In my hair,

On the chair,  Everywhere.

thanksgiving wkend 2013 002

Cookie crumbs and icing blobs

on the floor  sweep some more.

Socks and mittens gone astray

Boots and gym shoes in the way.

Towels and wash cloths in the bath

Band aids for the aftermath.

Family room trashed; no one to blame

Pillows and tablets and video games

Gallons of milk and snacks devoured

Exhaustion creeps in after every hour.

Swim at the Y and bicycle rides

Climb to the haymow;  explore outside.

Check the ice on the pond;  Be Careful I shout-

I don’t really wish to fish you both out!

Pizza for dinner.  View Christmas Lights.

Grandma is smiling.  Time for goodnights!

Snuggle together

Hugs and Kisses.

After they’re gone, that’s what Grandma misses.

thanksgiving wkend 2013 020

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