Christmas Party Fun!

Last night there was a Christmas Party  u11216554 with my TOPS friends(Take Off Pounds Sensibly)…

We went out one year to eat and then the last three years we have opted to have our get-together at the meeting room where we meet each week…

It is so much more fun!…

Due mainly to our club leader


Our Leader, Sharon… in red…

She makes the room into a wonderful Christmas Party atmosphere!k7497879

with decorations… pretty tablecloths… colorful festive tablewarecenterpieces u11289609… and little gifts running up the middle of the length of tables…


Table decorations and lots of friendly conversation!


There is meat and bread provided… along with drinks/ice…

( this time we had lean pulled pork and chicken ) with BBQ saucefrom Mark’s Feed Store…


since turkey and ham is usually the meat served everywhere else…

We all sign up to bring lower calorie dishes

We are all pretty good cooksu11777124 … or we wouldn’t need the club to help us stay on track of our weight or encouragement to lose those extra pounds...

Menu last night included…

green beans, glazed carrots, salad, jello salads, carrot salad, fruit, couple of different potato dishes, turkey/ dressing (after all), frito corn salad, veggie pizza appetizer, deviled eggs, broccoli casserole and a few desserts…


My contribution…Veggie Pizza Appetizer


Enjoying all of the good food!

I wouldn’t have liked to weigh after dinner  k12581406 … but, we did before and I am pleased to say I had lostYES!kch0052

As a group we gave our leader a gift card k4432558… and expressed how grateful we are for her hard work……

and then the fun began!

Sharon had 5 games…

Left-Right Game




and 25 Christmas Items…

On this last one we all brought at least 25 or more Christmas Items in a bagk1658377 

Our leader read off a list of 25 items … Any items we had in our bag that matched her list counted as 1 point each…

Whoever had the most matches won a prize… gwil60212

It was so much fun!… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The kid in all of us comes out at these times!

Everyone left with a prizek15728629

We all help clean up… so it doesn’t take long to get everything packed away… divvied out… and cleaned up…

We are a good teamencouraging each other in every way!k11738059k9865422


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