Friend’s Hospitality

A Christmas Brunch… prepared with such a sweet spirit…k15801986

A friend I met at the YMCA… will be two years this January…

invited my sister, my sister-in-law and myself for breakfast brunch

The house is decorated with love jad0039… with all of the things she has been given, collected, made, bought and handed down…

It’s like walking into a Christmas Holiday Shop k7378484

It says “Christmas” in every room…

Angels, Santask8065258 , Flowers, a Train, Treesk15798853,  Ornaments, Nativitiesk2506061 . Snowmen k2704870

The table was set with Christmas dishes k16043781 … a small handmade bag filled with candy at our place settings


Either side is so cute… with a few added sparkles…

I hung as a decoration when I got home!

Janice makes quilts and you see her handiwork everywhere… saf0028k10420019

Menu was just right…

Fried Ham/ Biscuits  k14470354

Homemade Apple Butter/ Strawberry Jam applebutterbyBougi

Cheesy/Egg Baked Dish k6194093

Fresh Fruit k4507135


Coffee/Hot Tea/Juice k8482848

It was delicious!

We all talked as we ate nri0123

enjoying each other’s company… learning more and more about each other…

My sister hadn’t been to Janice’s home, so I said, “You must have the tour!”…

An old farmhouse… fixed as cute as it can be…

so… to every room we went… downstairs and up…

We left a little sleepyvga0031 … with a full tummy… and good feeling of being with such a nice person…

Isn’t that the way it should be!…

Thanks Janice… for your hospitality! k10727309

6 thoughts on “Friend’s Hospitality

  1. Nothing like sharing time,food and chat with friends. You are so lucky to have your sister and your sister in law nearby. My sister is in Hawaii, one SIS is in Atlanta and the other in Munich.
    Have a lovely Christmas all of you :)

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