Finishing Up Christmas Week at the “Overlook”

Christmas outings ended on Friday with a trip to the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, Indiana

Less than an hour away… a pleasant drive k9939853 with the sun shining…

Established in 1948 after the town had to be moved up on a bluff where it stands today… overlooking the Ohio River

First it was a small grocery store/gas station… Later a Greyhound Bus Stopth

… and then  the Restaurant…

Not, crowded… was able to walk right in and sit down… when we arrived…

I grabbed a few photos of the Ohio River… the Restaurant sits right by… up on an “Overlook”


View of River from deck…


The River takes a bend right in front of the restaurant


Picnic tables for warmer weather…


There is the restaurant, pub Bar1 and outside sitting for warmer days… Panoramic

Very pretty!…

Our food here was delicious…

Hot Brown for my cousin… 636497

Meatloaf for my cousin’s husband… k1551632

Fish Sandwich for my husband… 907004

Reuben Sandwich for my sister… reuben-sandwich

and I chose the Chicken Pot Pie635870

Of course there were sides… but, the warm yeasty rolls were a hit!… u14184154

Did we get dessert?…

We couldn’t resist…

Peanut Butter Pie k8894843, Coconut Cream Piek5705567 ( but, with 3″ high merengue) and Blackberry Cobbler A la mode k2325058


This was where our little family of my Mom, Aunt, Brothers/Sisters and Spouses used to come every Christmas k16346006

With the passing of Mom, my Aunt, my Brother, my Sister and Sister-in-law… we hadn’t been for a few years… Bitter-Sweet for our hearts! k11416110

but, just lovely!

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