Beginning My New Year

My head is spinning with new thoughts on what the New Year may hold… and things I want to accomplish!k5436749

Some things I have done already!…

Made a new resumek6543634

Emailed it to the YMCA for a job openingYMCA-SVG-Common_International_svg

I’ve started my Good Things in 2014 List… (will be daily)

Todays good thing was our invitation to my nephew’s home for a wonderful New Year’s Day meal… all foods included for health… wealth… and good luck…


Roast Porkk9507312

Corn Beef

Mashed Potatoes

Fried Corn with Bacon

Black-eyed Peas u11641525


Cheesy Cabbage k13643706

Corn Bread

Apple Pie 42-19732181

Pecan Pie


Wasn’t that deserving of my “Good Things List” item!


I want to save some money this year… k14001119

I will follow this chart…


Something I feel I can manage…

I will have to do it monthly instead of weekly… because of how our money comes in…

I will also put aside in a container of some sort… 10% for God… each month… to be used for whoever or whatever I see fit at the end of the year…

( actually where God sees fit).k5280428..

HE doesn’t ask for very much!

I always keep a calendar… to keep track of appointments and fun stuff!… already bought and hanging… One in my kitchen 140101_006 … one from my cousin on my computer desk 140101_007

I will share more later… my list is a long one… some leftovers from 2013… hanging around… to complete… k9486576

But, I feel good about my start…


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