Hot Chocolate… Like a Chocolate Candy Bar!

Maud Borup… a 104-year-old chocolate company specializing in gourmet food gifts and decadent drinks

Drinking chocolate dates back to 600 B.C., spreading throughout Europe as a drink for the elite

“Our drinking chocolate is like drinking a rich, creamy chocolate bar,” said Christine Lantinen, president of Maud Borup.

In 2006, Lantinen bought candy retailer Maud Borup Inc.


Over 100 Years of Chocolate Making!
In 1907, Maud Borup began making candy in her home kitchen in St. Paul, Minnesota.


With the praise and urging of family and friends, she opened a counter with Holm & Olson Flower Shop in downtown St. Paul and soon was in business for herself…
Over the years the business grew and created such a loyal customer base that standing orders were continually filled as new generations took over. Today, Maud Borup remains a woman-owned company and the focus remains on quality confections inspired by sweet childhood favorites

I bought this exquisite Semi-Sweet Drinking Chocolate Mix while it was on sale…

Will make 6 cups

It sounded so good!… with a hint of Cinnamon…

They had Peppermint k11639324 also… but, I have found I’m not too fond of Chocolate Peppermint flavorings… unless it’s a Chocolate Peppermint Pattie like York…th

It’s not your usual add milk and stir…

You have to microwave about 3 heaping teaspoons of the mix with a little milk until it is dissolved

Then add about 1 cup of milk and heat again…

The rich taste… actually smooth like candyk16237454 … is really good! …

One cup was plenty… because it is so rich and satisfying…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It is in stores during the Holiday Season… but, mainly Christmas…

I nice gift for a person who loves chocolate…  k16154774Available at Walmart now in the warm beverage asile through February 2012 and in the seasonal food gift aisle in collector tins for holiday gift giving


7 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate… Like a Chocolate Candy Bar!

  1. I have never heard of it but you can count on me looking up your link. I loveeeeeeeee hot chocolate!!! Thanks for sharing this with me, who is a lover of chocolate. who needs a husband when I have chocolate???? Well, I don’t really mean that. If I ever get lucky to have a mate, he will have to have hot chocolate with me!!!

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