Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PEOPLE.

Usually… the first person I encounter is my son, Doug… 131224_030 who lives with us…

Suffering from bi-polar disorder k13601393 … he sometimes is up all night…


Well, you just never know… His sleep pattern is erratic…


I’m used to it…

We exchange a few words… since I’m usually still sleepy… k9020511

He sometimes has something to tell me he has heard on the news or TV…

We might have a small discussion… to appease him…

He is up on all of the current events… puts others to shame with his knowledge of what is happening in our world… k0541854

Of course he has his opinions… which are usually substantiated…

If it’s in the middle of the night… I get my drink of waterk10274551 … bathroom break and head back to bed with a “good night”…

If I’m up for the day… I fix my tea/coffee… as we talk a little… k8266090

He is such a good personVery caringhelpfulk6377285 but, having this awful disease just devastates me at times… and I imagine these midnight walks through the house has him thinking a lot of the… things he has missed 3694352828_a0289713cd_sdreams that won’t be… why did this happen to him…k12444306

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6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Luckiest People

  1. How blessed Doug is to have such a wonderful mother and father like you and Bobby!However, on the flip side Doug adds so much to your family life and you’ll never find a person so family oriented and caring. Having each other in life and facing the daily challenges together makes life what it is~~~ “A True Blessing!” Despite the sleepless nights and mood swings you just have to live one day at a time and cherish every waking moment together. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and family Marilyn!

    Love ya bunches,

  2. Marilyn, I don’t really know much about this condition, except that I know it is very difficult to live with and can be difficult for the patent and family to successfully manage. It sounds like you have all learned to accommodate Doug’s needs with love and grace. I can’t say that surprises me! Knowing a little bit of your story…your years of working with special needs children…it is not surprising that you bring respect and compassion to your son’s struggle. He is truly blessed to have you and your husband! And I’m sure you find many ways that he is a blessing to you, in turn. ~ Sheila

  3. You are indeed a special team. You can hear that special LOVE that your family has for each other just by talking on the phone. You and Bobby are very special people and Doug is like a Angel God has given you to take care of here on Earth. I find it a blessing whenever I call your home because you can just feel the love and caring you have for each other.

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