Finish This… Week #4


1. ruggia0622c   I use my “green thumb” to…  try and keep a few flowers growing from year to year that were my Mother’s… A Red Rose who I call “Booker”… which was the last name of her friend that had given it to her… It has now been 15 years… and some Jonquils that she gave me when we moved to our home… which has now 26 years ago…

2. k13417798The secrets to life are… accepting yourself… Expect from others, only what you are able to do yourself… Give of yourself daily in some way… Love and have respect for your mate… Accept the Grace that the Lord offers… Keep family close!

3. k16327151 I get my money’s worth by… being thrifty in shoppping … planning ahead… being resourceful…

4. cha0008On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is… never 100%… but, I can usually put my hands on most everything… Taking notes and keeping a calendar helps me immensely!

5. k4326467A gentleman always… treats a woman respectfully!

6. k7231294 Handwritten notes are… are the best way to convey thanks, appreciation and thoughtfulness!… It gives the receiver a feeling of being truly appreciated with the time/effort put into them!

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