I Just Kept Craving It!

I belong to two Bunco Groups…1005703_308901719244975_1049417750_n

One is family… and one is a group from my sister’s condo complex…

It was the Condo Girlsdiceladiesas I call them… the other night…

We hadn’t met since November… since we don’t play in December… due to Christmas and New Year’s…

We take turns bringing food…

There was Potato Soup k4285384 , Pimento Cheese/Crackers, Chicken Wings and desserts of Chocolate Fudge/Caramel Brownies 11115869 , Bourbon Ball Chocolate Coated Candies… and a snack mix

It was a very cold night u11251950… so the soup was perfect… and everything else was too…

I nibbled on a small plate of the snack mix someone had made for two hours… Just a taste… here and there… to not overdue…

But, I craved that mixture for a week until I made some the other day!…

The salty/sweet taste was just what I had been wanting!…


Ingredients: (Really, any mixture of things you like)…

but, I used…            OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2 – cups Dark Chocolate Cheerios

2-cups Rice Chex

2-cups Pretzels

4 oz. Milk Chocolate M & M’s

5 oz. White Chocolate Hershey Morsels

Easy… Easy… Easy!

Mix together all ingredients except white chocolate

in a big bowl or on a cookie sheet

Melt white chocolate in microwaveapl0035 … about 2 minutes… stirring as you go… until all melted…

Drizzle over the mixture and stir until all is coated with some of the chocolate…

put in refrigerator until cool…

Break up the mixture and keep refrigerated mab0018 … in between… eating it all gone!…


I have enough ingredients left to make another batch… but, will wait a few weeks… where I won’t burn myself out on it… which I have been known to do… when I really like something!pgi0255

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6 thoughts on “I Just Kept Craving It!

  1. I wish I was lucky enough to b e able to have some fun groups to belong to. Of course I guess I would need to know how to play Bunco first.

    Also what are the Calories and Carbs in your version.

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