Criteria for a Part-Time Job

I feel as though I have went back to school k14837726 … That’s where I worked for 30+ years … in the Public School System

I worked with Special Needs Studentsk0662770

So, in order to do that… we had lots of classes to take for what they called Professional Development

Many related to Health Issuesk16930607

Since getting my part-time job with the YMCA Adult Day ProgramYMCA-SVG-Common_International_svg … I have had to:

Get a Drug Screeningk13598186

Get a TB Test… k1177035

A Hepatitis B shot… k1164308

Go to a New Hire Orientation (3 hours)…


Blood Borne Pathogen Training… k6997583

CPR Training (4 – 1/2 hours)… nri0223

I still have to complete:

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training… k13347868

and Sexual Harassment Prevention… u10350892

I have a binder (Adult Day Health Center Training Manuel) of approximately 150-200 pages to read… k5957081

I can see how some would just give up and look elsewhere to work…

but, by working in the school system… I have learned I will encounter some of these issues… and am glad the training is provided…

I am supplemented for my time in attending the classes (training)… and there is no charge for any medical tests or treatments…

Our world has changed… so many issues have come to the forefront with jobs we used to consider every day… almost trivial…

child care… nursing home care… etc. …

Just have to say… I didn’t know a part-time14 hours a week … making minimum wagek2996009 … job… would have such high criteria for its staff…

Good thing or not???

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9 thoughts on “Criteria for a Part-Time Job

  1. On one side those trainings are useful. It is also here to protect yourself. That is how it is these days. Embrace the new challenges, and I know you love your job.

  2. sounds like the usual business world taking extra care to make sure all is safe. how wonderful to have an interesting job…i bet your little Jill will be missing you. :) blessings to you!

  3. I can remember all the PTA workshops and conventions I used to attend. All the information I learned was very informative and it helped me to realize how important it was for me to consider myself an Advocate for children as well as seniors. I was once asked what I meant by Advocate for children at a PTA convention which surprised me because that is what PTA is all about being an Advocate for children.

    It is a shame that the world has changed so much that now there is so much concern for children women and seniors. Our world used to be so safe and now no one is safe anymore. Just think how lucky you are to be able to add all this extra training will help you to be able to add it to all your other knowledge you have. The YMCA is so lucky to have someone of your knowledge and learning to be working for them.

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