Finish This #6


Welcome to week #6 of FINISH THIS … are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

1. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by… putting up decorations in my house… buying my Grandkids a surprise… be it candy… money in a card… or something else fun… My husband and I have gone out to eat… exchanged small gifts… etc. … but, lately… a hug and kiss will do…



2. My heart goes pitter-patter for… my Bobby still makes my heart do that!… Also Grandkids and my sons… can melt me in an instant… Even my kitties make ME want to purr… Kind words given to me can make me the happiest…



3. When looking for romance, my best advice is… Don’t look!… Just enjoy life… and have fun… be yourself… and that TRUE LOVE will see the wonderful things you have to give… Let it happen naturally!


4. My favorite love story (real or fiction) is… My own story could make a great one… but, fiction has to be “Dirty Dancing“… young and in love… music…nothing like it!… An Affair to Remember is a 1957 film starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr … The film is considered one of the most romantic of all time… and I totally agree!

220px-AffairtoRemember                220px-Dirty_Dancing
5. The best relationship/love/dating advice I ever received… LIKE the person you decide to marry… Like their morals, their honesty, their work ethics, their hobbies, their way of treating you… be best friends… and you will always be happy… Be able to retain your identity!


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9 thoughts on “Finish This #6

  1. I agree I was indeed so lucky when I met you at the Top’s club at Mt. Carmel. That friendship has turned into a very special friendship. I feel as though you are the sister I never had.

    True love is indeed so special and I was very lucky when I met my husband. He was a special Angel and we became friends from Day 1. Valentine’s Day is indeed one filled with love. I remember a keepsake that I have from my Mom. It was a Valentine’s card my Mom received from my Dad while he was stationed in the Phil-lppines Islands during World War 2 in 1944. He said that he was so happy that they had a very special Valentine ME to celebrate Valentine’s Day from then on.

    You & Bobby have a special love that has lasted 45 years. My Angel & I only had 15 years before he became a real Angel in Heaven.

  2. I agree. As soon as I stopped looking for a relationship I met my better half. It wasn’t forced and happened naturally. And we both like each other–which is a major plus. Have a great weekend.

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