A “meant to” thing…

Going back to work has changed my routine greatly… and others as well…

but, it was something I felt drawn to do… and although tired… I feel it was a “meant to” thing!

It was “meant” for me to go back to work…

Reason: the extra little money I make will come in handy…k12892560

I was “meant” to apply for this certain job…

Reason: it fits me perfectly… with the hours and days…  k8169613

I was “meant” to work with these “adult persons” …

Reason: I understand their needs… having worked with “children” with the same “handicaps”… mental and physical…k16385162

I was “meant” to use my talents…

Reason: I have a natural art talent and creativeness that I can share with them…k7340529

I was “meant” to give them my attention…

Reason: Because I have the patience to listen to repeated stories of by-gone years… and memories that I can appreciate…k14794754

I was “meant” to have waited for just the exact moment… k8618471

Because: God knows the best for me… and leads me… as I listen to His voice!

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