Best Wishes Carson… and Melanie!

As I’ve said, “Adding a part-time job… to my agenda… has made some slight changes in my life”…

Still figuring out my managing techniques in my changing world…

but, I still have time to fit in my family…

Yesterday… we celebrated my Grandson’s Birthday with lunch at his favorite

“Restaurant of the Moment”… The Golden Corral logo

WHY?… is it his favorite right now!… Because it has 3 chocolate waterfall fountains

to dip all kinds of goodies inScreenShot20131101at2_21_33PM

plus, a cotton candy machine to make your own…


The girls(sisters) had fun at the cotton candy machine!

and thefood” bar is extraordinary with every kind of food possible…

I usually don’t like these “food troughs” as we have called them… but, the food here


Carson enjoying everything he likes!

He wanted his family… which consists of his two sisters, Mom & Dad, both sets of Grandparents… and his Uncle Doug… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

They are so cute and funny!

“Our Little Family”… is what I call it…


Carson with his best friend… Dad!

It was my Daughter-in-law’s Birthday in the same week…. so we gifted her at this time… She has been busy working at the hospital where she is head nurse… and with our snowy… very cold weather… we hadn’t had time to connect…


Mom and her “baby” celebrating!

We caught up on the news of all laughed… talked and wished our “little one”… actually 9 years old!… BEST WISHES!

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