“I Just Want to Go Home!”

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How many times have you been somewhere and have said, “I just want to go home!” ? When you have a homeit is the most content feelingI think you can have…My first home of course was with my parents …my Dad had built our first home…It had a long living room , a kitchenwhich was open to the living room, a small bedroom in the back of the house off from the kitchen and then Mom and Dad’s bedroomin the back of the house…This little house had an attic, which was used for two more bedrooms…It was heated by a coal-burning pot belly stovein the living room and it had a fireplace in Mom and Dad’s bedroom…It must have heated pretty well…I never remember it being cold???…We only had cold running water for a while and an outhouse for a bathroom…How…

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2 thoughts on ““I Just Want to Go Home!”

  1. Your first story reminded me of the TV Series Little House of the Prairie. The first home I remember was Army Housing in Alaska when I was six. My Dad was in the Army and while he was in the Philippines during the war we lived in Seattle, Washington. Then from Alaska we moved to Ft. Campbell,Ky and from there to Kaislerslautern, Germany.
    We traveled every summer.

    The only problem with Army Life is it is hard to make and keep friends. So my live had a lot of interesting places to see and learn different ways to adapt and learn new cultures. One thing in all the places we went to live in the best place was Germany because my Mom”s Mother and Dad were both from Germany so we had a great time meeting relatives.

    In fact my Mom grew up in Deming, Washington on a farm that her youngest sister raised her family there also and she and her husband still live in the house. In fact the house was one hundred years old this year.
    So much for my younger life. My young adult life was more eventful after my Dad retired from the Army. Maybe when I learn to set up my own BLOG Page then I can also have fun with stories.

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