Bad Weather Makes Me Cook = Gaining Pounds!

With the weather coming in the form of ice, sleet and snow k11253065 Sunday night … through Monday… and still on the ground Tuesday… I didn’t have to work…

Our Seniors stay home on such bad weather days… No one wants them to fall…k12864083

I was getting ready when I got the call…k7108300

I’ve been in the house like so many others… that I was really looking forward to seeing my Senior Friends at the YMCA

When I’m in a lot… I tend to look for something to cookk14082118 NOT a good idea… I know I’ve gained pounds ouch! this winter!… but, hopefully summer and warmer weather will help me…

A simple snack for our TV watching night is Velveeta Cheese/ Rotel (Famous Queso Dip) with Tostitos Scoops… I like the way they are made into a little cup…



I used Wal-Mart‘s Brand of Rotel…works fine!


and also Wal-Mart’s version of Velveeta… “Melt and Dip“…works fine…tastes great!


Just added to my small crock pot and heated until melted…stirring occasionally…


Yummy with Tostitos Scoops! tostitos-scoops

The simplest recipes are sometimes the best!

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