“Kitty” Spring Fever???

My little kitty (Kit Kit) has acted strange all day… she has been extremely loving… and talking as cats do


k15068990 … Her purr sounds more like a little lamb braying… She has sat on me… laid on mex19482954

… been at my feet… rolling around… and purrs so loud… everyone can hear her… She has slept in between… not wanting to go out as much as usual…


Do you think she has Spring Fever???

or maybe feeling the things that “young girls” do when in love…k5296114

She has had a suitor coming by the last couple of days… or one that would like to become more familiar if you know what I mean!…

He has been quite persistent in his wiling ways…k3759869

Is my little girl growing up???… adolescence???

Is she starting to become of age???… puberty???

I am hoping not… too soon!…

I need to get her to the vetu25027893 … (surgery is needed)… get her tagged and licensed.. before all of this happens…

So, please… let this be just a little bit of showing me she has finally settled in… and loves me that I took her in… and happy that she has found a good home…

because I’m not ready to be a Grandma any time soon … to some little Kittiesk13753763

I checked with Animal Planet 75px-Animal_Planet on  “THIS SUBJECT”… and it seems Kit Kit might be a prime candidate


Hope I’m not too late for that VET visit! k1396715

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14 thoughts on ““Kitty” Spring Fever???

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  2. I like your new nickname. You know you will love those kittens. Today March 13th I went out to a Riverport Hearth Fair, I met someone from the YMCA on St Andrews Church Road, can’t remember her name. There must of been 150 booths. Different business’s, blood mobile, Texas Roadhouse provided food, lot’s of candy give a ways as usual and also all kind of other things. It was a great way to get all kinds of info.

    They even had Students taking Blood Pressures. Blood Sugar checks and Cholesterol checks mine were all a ok. It was also a great way to get some walking exercise,

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