Irish Fun With My Seniors

I feel “my life” has definitely taken a turn… and it’s all my doing…    k15264122

My job is getting easier all of the time… getting to know all of the adults and their “ways”…

also the other workers… such sweet folk!…

“Routine” may never happen… my days change “a little” every week…

Maybe that keeps me from getting stagnant… boredk1496315 … complacent…

The weather was so much warmer today… around 75 degrees

We walked or pushed most of the seniors outside…k4670503

We have a great picnic shelter area…with about a dozen picnic tablesk8119293 … Also benches… They enjoyed it immensely!… “Us” too! k13829488

There is also an attached deck on the side with a ramp going to it!…

We will eat outsidek3934543 in warmer days… play BINGOk12834083 … and have craft time

We can’t wait… but, for today… just sitting in the warm air was enough… as we talked about whatever came to mind…

We all come up with ideas and activities to do… with our wonderful people…

Today we had Irish Cream” Coffee… and Shortbread Cookies bottlek63197050003010054094_180X180to commemorate March and St. Patrick’s Day

They truly enjoyed that!…

I have found that as you age you crave “Sweets”  k14876324

No cookies were turned down!

I had made Shamrock Trees with them last week for “Good Luck”…sshamrocktree

We will be having an Open House next week…k16188886

The first one from what I understand…

We all have a “duty” assigned for the evening…

Mine will be doing a craft with the seniors and their families…

We will also have door prize drawingsk6183884story time… food…etc. …

I’m hoping for a good turn-out

It should be fun!

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3 thoughts on “Irish Fun With My Seniors

  1. Did you find out if you are going to be a itty Grandma? When is the YMCA Open House. I wish I would be able to come it sounds like fun.

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