Having to say… “Good-bye”

I hate wasting time!… I say that!… but, at times I waste a lot!…

I’m waiting for my sister-in-law to arrive … We are going to do our water aerobicsx23686509

The weather is gloomy… NOT like yesterday with temps in the mid 70’s…

I thought I would start my writings while waiting… (No wasting time!)sca0389

I’ve already made breakfast… done the dishes x24953704… made bed… straightened here and there… showered and washed hair…

As I took off my “FAVORITE” pajamas… I knew… I had to bite the bullet… and throw them away!…tn_canned_c

I have known that time was near!…

Just when I’m loving them!…

Thin!… (see through)… k1613802

Soft!… (Been washed hundreds of times!) k6900465

My favorite color, Blue!… (Pretty much faded to gray)… k13959259

Comfortable!… (Like wearing NOTHING!) u12729329

Do you do that?…

Get that favorite thing… and just wear it out!…

It’s kind of a good feeling!… k15146871

“Got my money’s worth out of that” , I say…

I showed them to my husband and told him, “Say good-bye!”…

and he actually did!… k7711618


I enhanced the color to show what they DID look like!


What they actually looked like today when they bid farewell!

I know my husband was actually thinking, “Thank goodness!”…

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10 thoughts on “Having to say… “Good-bye”

  1. I agree that sometimes it is hard to part with something that is special. What time do you get up? It must be early if you can get so much done before you leave for the Y. I get up at 7 take a shower, have breakfast, usually a bowl of cereal, stack bowl on counter, take care of Fluffy my cat, take my morning walk, read the paper and wait for my ride to Sun Valley Community Center for exercise’s, lunch, and then a ride home.

  2. It is so hard to throw something away that is so loved. I used to have this over-sized T-shirt I wore to bed. As soon as I washed it I put it back on that night. Finally after seeing a few too many holes I had to bury it in the trash. I dropped a tear as it got a good burial. I know what you are talking about Marilyn

  3. sometimes it is best to say goodbye and upgrade…even when it comes to pj’s… ☺ maybe your husband is thinking perhaps you will find some nice nighttime lingerie… :P

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