Prompts for WEEK #10… Finish This…

Prompts for WEEK #10


My boobs are… impressive… Of course I hope they will shrink when I lose weight… and I will! k16991460
My heart is… what guides me… My heart is what gives me my feelings… Not a good thing at times… It can be a source of LOVE, Heartache, Stress, Happiness, Giving and Receiving… It seems to make Life what it is! k5278665
One thing every woman should know… Watch your “tongue”… a wicked weapon sometimes… x12945583
My breakfast typically consists of… As of right now… Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal…. sometimes with a few blueberries… On occasion I have been known to eat chili, pizza, any leftovers from the night before… instant-applescinnamon-detail_sflb
I’m so glad I learned the secret to… accepting myself… for who I am… using the gifts God bestowed on me… k10359530

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5 thoughts on “Prompts for WEEK #10… Finish This…

  1. My Boobs are not really my problem. I can remember when I was 12 years old and my left boob was bigger then my right and the Dr. told me and my Mom don’t worry they will even out when she has babies. Guess what they never did.

    My biggest area is my big blob around my middle. I have been told walking will help probably another tall tale. I love fruit on my dry cereal also. It is true you will be happier when you accept yourself as you are and be Thankful and Happy and remember that God had a hand in who we are

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