#FWF Free Write Friday: Ponder this…

Here is your FWF prompt:fwf kellie elmore badge

I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…

Sometimes we are so confused k3947516as to what is happening in our lives…

I was introduced to people with mental challenges k16192727when I was a young Mom… Only to find out later that my son suffers with Bi-polar Disorder k14932235

I was given a job at the Public School that I volunteered at… working with Learning Disability Students… The Principal saw something in me it seems to offer me this job!… feeling I could do it… At that time… he had more faith  in me than I myself!


I was then transferred to another school with Special Needs Students… and stayed there… for 30 years… Always dealing with my son’s illness at this time…

My working with Mentally Challenged  k12506123 people was not what I wanted to do with my life…

I wanted to do art of some kind… k8413105

Well, I have!…

I look back and see how my art helped me in teaching and helping the many students I touched…

My art has helped my son become an avid collector and see things in such a different state of mind than in those early years… and has given him a purpose…


We are “good friends”          LVI0005

and “shoppers of the unusual”…Antiqu_C

Now… in my later years… after retiring from my school job… I find myself using and helping the elderly with the skills I have learned and techniques I have mastered…

I feel I was molded into the person God wanted me to be… k3524555

I must have been willing… and pliable… like a piece of softened clay…

Because I feel good about the way I have turned out…

Yes, sometimes looking backI see the path being laid out saf0033 … but, unable to see it at the time!

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7 thoughts on “#FWF Free Write Friday: Ponder this…

  1. When I was a child, I went to the home of some other children, who said, “Mama doesn’t feel so good.” When I saw the woman, I knew there was something terribly wrong but I’d never seen anybody who look like that. I was grown before I figured it all out.TV was less graphic back then. She was the first battered woman I ever saw.

  2. Inspiring, Marilyn. Art in all its forms is a vital part of life. I just wish the powers-that-be would realise how important it is. Thank you for your continuing support of FND – I appreciate it so much. (The ‘like’ button is playing up because of my dodgy internet connection which is frustrating.)

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