Flat Tire!… Catastrophic???

I was waiting for it to begin…

You know… the moment you pay something off... it begins to break down

We just made our last car payment! k4014448 YES, that’s Great!… but, today my husband goes out… and finds a flat tirek4728804 … just sitting there in the drive-way…

and it can’t be fixed!… bc_mechanic_cI imagine it’s from all of the pot holes that have emerged in our roads from the hard freezes we have had!


Of, course that doesn’t solve the problem!

and the tire store said they don’t have any just like the one that went flat… so we will probably have to buy two tiresk2216230

My husband put the spare on… and said, “We’ll just drive on that!”…

Of course he was exasperatedk15265381 … and knows we will change the spare out as soon as we can…

and it’s a Sunday… and the places he likes to deal with are closed…k14549397k11656412

I have to admit... we used to get totally bent out of shape sfa0001 when catastrophes happened… but, after so many years of being on our own and responsible for ourselves and our kids… we have learned that these catastrophes are really minor inconveniences…

We have learned what is major!… and what is minor…

It surely keeps you humble when “minor inconveniences” happen…Look_Out

Knowing that when YOU think all is well… Look out! jad0074 Something is usually around the corner… k3826236

Don’t get too comfortable!

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9 thoughts on “Flat Tire!… Catastrophic???

  1. It often does happen that if one is experiencing a degree of good luck and happiness, that something may indeed be around the corner to knock your good fortune down. Similarly, when you are down, the only way is to eventually go up.

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