Finish This #11


1. When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to…

God… for the important things… I try to let HIM guide me… k14465671u30189481

For facts and interesting subjects I want to know more about… my computer/internet is at my fingertips… Expanding my horizons…k7869567

For days that have passed… the elders in our life… have abundance of memories and wisdom… k15059951

For these present days… I sometimes just wing it!… Going out on a limb k8185044and trying things out for myself!

2. My next challenge is figuring out…

how I can fit all I want to do in my lifetime… I am getting older… so I find myself wanting to complete a few of those things I have longed for…k9486576

3. I shake things up…

when I come up with different ways of doing things… seeing something in something that no one else sees… creating out of nothing… giving me such pleasure…Surprising people with the look!… cfr0043

4. High heels are…k13322605

never going to be in my wardrobe… maybe small wedges if dressed up… but, so seldom I only need one pair…

My feet go bare most of the time and have ever since I was born k13775724… Flip flops are a must in the summer… and don’t get startled if I wear them into Fall hla0014 … I don’t think feet were supposed to be confined… I love the feel of the grass… stones… mud… dirt… water…

k8679036Bare feet make me Happy!

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6 thoughts on “Finish This #11

  1. Hmmm…one of the things we differ on…I LOVE heels! Wear them daily! Since I’m short (5’2″) I’m always looking for height. I wear flats on Saturday around the house, or at the gym. But everywhere else, my shoes will have some kind of a heel! :) ~ Sheila

  2. I always wore shoes except maybe around the house. Then a year ago when I had a bone spur removed from my neck and I was at Frazier Rehab they found out why I was having all those falls while I used my walker. Being a Diabetic I had Drop foot my toes would curl under, It seemed that my foot and ankle did not work as one unit so now I have a brace attached to my shoes. No more falls and I do not have to worry about ankle weights when I do exercises because I have a 31/2 weight on each foot. At night or in the morning when barefoot I have to be careful when I walk due to my toes curling under so I wear slippers.

    No more going barefoot. I miss all the fun. Good thing I no longer live in So. Calif. I could not go to the beach anymore.

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